What Exactly Are We Trying To Protect?

July 22, 2009

Why does 9/11 Truth matter to us? It’s a question worth revisiting from time to time to ensure we remain motivated in our task. This is not a hobby or a topic of curiosity, there are very real reasons we dedicate so much of our precious free-time to spreading awareness of a topic which sees us branded as flakes and lunatics by so many. It’s not an easy thing to do, being a 9/11 Truth activist, but we labour on for some very good reasons.

Obviously the event itself was a massive and unthinkably horrific crime. Nearly 3000 people were murdered and our innate sense of justice as human beings informs every fibre of our being that those responsible must be discovered, exposed and held accountable. But for me, this would not be enough to dedicate these last 3 or so years of my life to. It was a tragedy, but there are many tragedies happening all over the world at this moment in time and we cannot logically dedicate our lives to each one.

Why 9/11 is so important, for me at least and I suspect for many, is what it led to; what it has been used to justify.

First and most strikingly is the launching of two illegal and brutal invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, taking a toll in excess of a million innocent souls. Many of these were not quick deaths. Many died from internal injuries through beating or from the effects of over-zealous torture in criminal facilities such as Guantanamo Bay and others like it. Many died in extreme pain with their flesh being seared from their body by immoral and arguably illegal munitions such as White Phosphorus. Many have and will continue to die from leukaemia and other cancers from the use Depleted Uranium, or will die in the womb or as a result of birth defects caused by the same. This will continue for as long as this stuff is active; with a 4.5 billion year half life it will be some time before I could take seriously any claim we can “move on” from this war.

But these wars are merely features of the broader ideological structure “The War on Terror”; as horrific and immoral as they may be they remain small pieces of a grotesque jigsaw puzzle. This umbrella concept (surely planned as a replacement for the blank cheque foreign and domestic policy pretext of the Cold War) could spawn many more wars, indeed we have been promised by some neo-cons a “hundred year war” and the Obama administration have done nothing to challenge this approximation. But this is not just a series of wars, it is a holistic sea change to our way of life, with domestic policy rapidly rolled out to curtail democracy, crack down on civil liberties and destroy free speech.

How ironic it is then that within this community fighting amongst other things for freedom of speech, the most elemental of liberties, that freedom is so ill-tolerated from within.

In the last few weeks I have been banned from Tony Gosling’s UK 9/11 forum, and by Siddhartha at the American Truth Action forum for expressing views or taking stances the moderator in question did not agree with. More interesting still is that in both cases my contributions were defensive: In the UK We Are Change London are being attacked by Daniel Adigwe, who claims we are MOD agents. When I defended myself against this claim, Tony Gosling said I had no right to attack Daniel and told me to stop. Daniel continued making the accusations and I continued to defend against them until Tony saw fit to ban me. In the US I was defending the work of CIT against the endless smearing and hit jobs that litter that forum. Arguments against CIT are encouraged. Counter points are good enough reason for a banning. Orwell rolls in his grave.

Despite the usefulness of debate in the forming and strengthening of ideas, forums are ultimately a waste of time, so there’s no use crying over spilt milk. Interesting though that it is silencing a view rather than expressing one which makes the loudest statement…


2 Responses to “What Exactly Are We Trying To Protect?”

  1. casseia Says:

    Yes, evidently the defense of CIT has again triggered a minor purge at TruthAction — I know that three other users have also just been banned. That’s how much they fear dissent (which is a clear indication of a lack of confidence in their own abilities to defend their arguments with reason and discourse). Fortunately, whenever they do this, it is clear as day to the readers of the site who usually don’t comment.

  2. stefan78 Says:

    Is it though?

    At most forums there will be some indication that the poster has been banned. Not so at TruthAction. There is no indication or announcement when someone is banned, creating the illusion that they’ve simply stopped responding to people.

    TruthAction is unique in it’s levels of censorship. Most forums have a “Dust Bin” forum where threads are moved to. At TruthAction they are deleted wholesale as though they were never there, again with no explanation or announcement.

    Sid today announced he was no longer a moderator. I guess he took the opportunity to ban everyone he didn’t agree with before handing in his badge…

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